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Michael Beale leaves Sunderland after just nine weeks in charge

Sunderland as head coach after just 12 games and nine weeks in charge he was appointed as Tony mowbray’s successor in December

Michael Beale


but will now be leaving the club after backed back defeats to Huddersfield and Birmingham now we’re still awaiting official confirmation from the club I can tell you a little bit more information that’s just reached us a coach,

Michael Beale leaves Sunderland after just nine weeks in charge

Mike Dodds will become interim manager again you may remember he stepped in didn’t he went Moby step down the last time before Beale took charge he’s already had this one successful term in interim spell in charge as I said following Tony mowbray’s departure back into December.

were told the club will reflect and a point a new head coach for the summer they were beaten three now and he’s opening game in charge against Coventry but they did pick up notable wins against Hull Preston Things Have Ended a bill after defeats by championship struggles.

Huddersfield last Wednesday and then Saturday’s defeat at Birmingham to 1 that’s an Andrews my Ashu score on the winner 10 minutes from time now bill was in the headlines that last after he apologized for ignoring tray humus when the Sunderland Defender tried to shake Italian he saw there after being substituted in the 8th minute was in charge of just 12 games six losses was a weird time Derby a three nodd of by the rivals Newcastle bills

side scored 13 times and conceded 16 so this is where he leaves them then tenth in the championship table there only 4 points behind country though who occupy that final playoff spot 

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