Beyoncé's announces a new album with Super Bowl ad

The second part of Beyonce’s Renaissance project has been announced while a Super Bowl ad.

“okay,they are ready.Bring out new music,”the singer Beyoncé  hinted at the end of a commercial for American communications giant Verizon

Beyoncé wore a white cowboy hat to the Grammys last week, possibly hinting at the new musical direction

Beyoncé released two new songs titled Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages quickly,after the advertisement.

The album,which will be released on March 29, is expected to be based on the country genere.

The ad shows Beyoncé attempting to dominate Verizon’s internet capabilities in unconventional ways,such as campaigning for president from space,building a Beyonce Robot(AI), and dressing like Barbie.

Veep stat Tony Hale is watching track to see if the Internet collapses in reaction.Ending of the advert , from the orbiting rocket,she come back to radio : “okay they ready, drop the new music”.

Beyoncé’s daughters Blue Ivy and Rumi and husband Jay-z also present with her at Super Bowl ad in Las Vegas.

After the ad, she is filmed casually sipping a dink amidst the crowd.

In July 2022 after relesing the first part of  the Renaissance project ,she confirmed that the album was the first of a three-act project.

The album won her a record-breaking 32nd Grammy.

After about a year,she begun on the Renaissance world tour,which released after as a film.

Beyoncé’s announces a new album with Super Bowl ad

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