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Born in London, England, Chi, 32, rose to fame starring in the hit UK dating program Love Island, but before gaining popularity from the show, she also starred in DC Comics’ Wonder Woman and Justice League.

Arabella Chee's
Arabella Chee’s
Recently, there have been rumors of her romance with Manchester City’s Ruben Dias, and it appears that she went on New Year’s holiday with the footballer.

Reality TV fans are probably already familiar with Arabella Chi, who rose to fame after appearing on British dating show Love Island in 2019.

The social media influencer has since raised her profile and has amassed a huge fan base – with over one million followers on Instagram alone. But it seems as if he is not even in the market anymore.
Over the past few months, she has been seen with Manchester City player Ruben Dias, sparking romance rumours, with their relationship reportedly dating back to October last year. It looks like the rumors may be true, because according to British media, the couple was spotted holidaying together on New Year’s Day.
According to reports, he played the role of an “Amazonian” in both films. When asked about her ideal man before entering the villa on Love Island, she said that Jason Momoa remained there. “I have done a film with him. Justice League and Wonder Woman. We had to train with him. I was an Amazonian too,” she said. “I remember this bear crawling toward me and I said, ‘Oh my God, he’s so cute’ what a thing.

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