Russia captures Avdivka which has become ruins, a big victory in the war with Ukraine

The figures of devastation and destruction in Avdivka, Ukraine have left even Bakhmut behind. There was a bigger massacre here than Bakhmut  now, like Bakhmut, here too Russian President Putin has got a big victory. Russia has captured Avdivka . Ukraine has decided to withdraw its remaining forces from this all area. Ukraine’s new army chief, General Sirisky, has announced this. This is Russia’s first major victory since Bakhmut in May 2023.


The severe shortage of weapons and the rapid attack by Russia have forced Ukrainian soldiers  retreat. The Russian army surrounded the Ukrainian army from three sides and attacked it, due to which the supply line of the Ukrainian army was also cut. Now the Ukrainian army is returning and Zelensky is requesting NATO countries to provide weapons quickly to avoid defeat.

People fled Avdivka, the city became ruins
This city of Ukraine has been completely destroyed. Broken walls and half-burnt buildings are visible in a city wit thousands of buildings. The population of 31 thousand has fled Avdivka. Not a single corner here is left safe. There are only ruins in the name of the city. Ukrainian soldiers are also returning after being defeated in Avdivka. The people living here had left this city long ago.

Ukrainian President Zelensky was pleading for help so that the Ukrainian army could save Avdivka, but it did not help. Due to lack of weapons, it became very difficult for the Ukrainian army to hold on in Avdivka. Russia was pushing for the capture of Avdiivka and there are chances of a situation like Mariupol being created here.

How strategically important is Avdivka for Russia?
Avdivka is strategically important for Russia. Avdiivka is called the entry to Donetsk. There is a distance of only 15 kilometers between Russian-occupied Donetsk and Avdivka. This is the industrial area of Donbass and capturing Avdivka was necessary to capture the entire Donbass. Ukraine has laid a large network of tunnels and bunkers in Avdivka. It is from here that shelling on Donetsk has been going on. It was because of the bunker that Ukrainian soldiers remained in front of Russian soldiers for 5 months.

There is a very big factory of the Soviet era here, where many things are made with chemicals. There is a basement near the chemical plant and hence it is being said that there will be a war like Mariupol in Avdivka. Because there too Ukrainian soldiers had taken shelter in the Azovstal Steel Plant. The Russian Army started the mission of Avdivka in October 2023. To make Donetsk safe, the Russian Army was trying to capture this area.

Russia made such a strategy for Avdivka
Russia had attacked with full force in Avdivka.
50 thousand soldiers were deployed in the mission.
Heavy deployment of armored battalions and tanks was made.
Like Bakhmut, a strategy was made to surround it from three sides.
The supply line was cut and the attack was carried out from three sides.
The Russian Army followed Bakhmut’s formula here too and made a strategy to surround the Ukrainian army just like Operation Meat Grinder. Like Bakhmut, every building was destroyed by a swift attack so that Ukrainian soldiers could not hide anywhere, but winning the battle of Avdivka was not as easy as Bakhmut. There were many bunkers of the Ukrainian army in Avdiivka. There was a huge stock of weapons in the bunker. The bunker protected soldiers from air or artillery attack, but the constant attacks made it difficult for Ukrainian soldiers to fight back.

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