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Storm Joslyn is likely to hit East and North Yorkshire on Tuesday and Wednesday with new weather warnings

The Met Office has issued a new warning for wind affecting East and North Yorkshire, with Storm Joslyn hitting the region on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Weather Alert

photo credit met office

The Yorkshire yellow warning comes into effect from 12pm on Tuesday and will remain in place until 3pm on Wednesday.

During this period, strong wind gusts associated with Hurricane Jocelyn are expected to impact the area, causing some localized disruptions.

Wind speeds are set to reach as high as 50mph in East and North Yorkshire.

People living in the force area are being asked to expect the following:

– Some train and bus services affected, some journeys taking longer

– Some delays are expected in rail, air, road and boat transport.

– Beaches, coastal routes, and coastal communities will definitely be affected by spray and/or large waves

– Delays likely for high-speed vehicles on exposed routes and bridges

The region is expected to develop strong winds associated with Hurricane Jocelyn during Tuesday afternoon, peaking overnight into Wednesday morning, before diminishing across most areas by the afternoon.

However, winds are likely to remain strong across the eastern and eastern parts of the Pennines until Wednesday afternoon

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